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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Let the music play

I’m a sucker for love songs, classic soul, R&B , or what they call slow jams. There is something about a slow melodic groove mixed with lyrics about burgeoning, everlasting or unrequitted love that I feel deep within and try to bellow out in my less then harmonic voice. Music is my muse. I remember specifically spending hours on end writing my first novel, Soon And Very Soon while listening to the Love Jones cd on continous loop. Didn't the O'jay's prohetcially say, there is a message in the music. I often find myself in a dream-like haze, lost in the lyrics as I relate the emtioanl haywireness of love to the characters' relationships in my books. I can undertsnd the state of mind that Lennie Williams feels when he belts out, "Because I love you," as well as the utter desperation and despair that would make you bust the windows out of someone's car (Jasmine Sullivan).
Music became vitally important when conceptualizing the complicated relationship that spanned over twenty years between my two main characters Deidre Collins and Andre Hicks in my secondn novel, The Manual (October 2009). Their romance was like an intricate dance and what is a dance without music? I thank the following artists, as well as the lyricist and musicians for the selections that help me understand their romance.

The Dance by Prince
I don't want to give you my love. If I do I'll loose my mind.
Weary by Amel Larrieux
This woman is growing weary of having to be so strong . . . I can't fight each battle alone
Come back by Brian Mc Knight
I got monumental making up to do with you, baby
Complictaed by Robin Thicke
I wish I could loose all of my blues. I wish I could stop putting my blues on you.
My First love by Anthony Hamilton
Now we've been through to much together and we're approaching up on stormy weather still you'll be, my first love
Say Yes& Getting Late by Floetry
There is only one for me... All you've got to do is say yes!
It's getting late, why you got to be here beside me, wanting and needing me... But I'm afraid and you say, don't be
Relections of my Heart
He boggles me when he looks at me. I know longer see whats right before my eyes. Something happens and I don't why. I begin to fall.
That's the soundtrack. Download it to your IPoD, and fall in love. Read The Manual this fall and see if you can identify the emtions these songs inspire.

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