Coming October 2009

Monday, October 12, 2009

Odd thing, those in store signings

Gail Grier. That's the name of the first person to appear at my table this weekend for my booksigning at Border's Books in Columbia, Maryland. I gave my Manual spiel-she bought three books, three of my books which is an investment of her entertainment dollars at fifteen dollars a pop. Many stopped, but few parted with the cash.I was eternally grateful to Gail. Non-authors may not know but an in store signings can make or break a a more squeamish author's self esteem. Especially when the only person to come past your table is a 7 year old who happened to wonder away from her mommy and stops to ask where the popular kid series, Diary of a Wimpy Kid books are. True story. I'm over it. I'm not bitter.An odd thing, those in store signings. I am one of those authors who never settled in my semi-celebrity. Your stuck out front on display like a half dressed Christmas tree in mid October, in-your-face and seemingly inappropriate blocking the entrance for patrons trying to get in and out of the store. Never showcased in all my literary glory. I might be more comfortable in my element as in a reading or a leading a discussion. Gotta bring in more of a crowd for that.So for now I am resigned to a table. You smile at some, try to catch the eye of others who show youupon their arrival that they are not to be persuaded. I take that back. You are not chained to that table. In fact, the store mangaer reccomended I get up and greet people. Find that balance between being inviting and harrassing. But, I was shell shocked.I felt like I had to be guardian over the stores inventory of my books. staked neatly in four piles (2 for each title). I think I was having a flashback to another signing where I temporarily walked away from my books to find my books carelessly thrown-better yet, shoved onto a stack of coffee table books by "regulars" who play chess in the cafe and needed the table for a tournament. Has this ever happened to you? I said, I'm over it, really.So I keep vigil. My smile the mini watt bulbs on the Christmas tree blatantly advertising, "Tis the Season" to buy this book! Next weekend, I'll be at the entrance of another store, maybe one near you. With bells on, I might add. Tis the season to buy The Manual,the highly anticipated sophomore novel by Sherryle Jackson